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Tennessee makes 'green' list thanks to solar power

Chris Woodward   ( Monday, December 09, 2013

Tennessee has made the list of top states for green jobs, but one organization has concerns about taxpayer funding.

The list was compiled by the business group Environmental Entrepreneurs in which Tennessee was number nine on the list, with credit going to a solar power generation site in McNairy County, near the Tennessee and Mississippi state line.

Former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore tweeted that he was "proud" of his home state of Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Andrew Ogles with Americans for Prosperity Tennessee has concerns.

Tennessee sign"Any time a job is created, that's a good thing," says Ogles. "My concern with the green energy movement is that it's heavily subsidized, and so these jobs that are created, what are the longevities of those jobs?"

An industry should really be "self-sustaining, should be viable in the marketplace without heavy government subsidies," Ogles adds.

As for Gore's comments, Ogles says it was to be expected.

"This is his issue and so it was expected that he's going to comment on it," says the Prosperity spokesman. "But in Tennessee, he doesn't have a lot of credibility any more.

"We thank him for his service," says Ogles, "but we're also thankful that he's not serving anymore."

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