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Show your pastor you care

Charlie Butts   ( Saturday, October 06, 2012

With National Care for Pastors Sunday coming up next weekend, Christians are being encouraged to smother their pastors with love.

pulpitA week from tomorrow, spokesman Tim Jensen says Clergy Appreciation Month will be highlighted, as the event is annually recognized the second Sunday of October.

"We're establishing National Care for Pastors Sunday because we strongly believe that the position of pastors should be affirmed by every congregation and held with great respect," Jensen submits. "We believe that pastors serve our communities in a vital and important way that helps to build community faith and to meet the needs of so many."

He contends that pastors need to be supported, encouraged and appreciated, just as they appreciate members of their congregation. And the spokesman points out that most people fail to fully understand the degree of pressure on pastors and their families, as pastors do not work just an hour on Sunday.

"Pastors need care, too, and congregations across this nation can take a little time to specifically thank them and express to them their gratitude for the service that they provide," Jensen urges. "That will indeed build a healthier relationship between pastors and congregants, and healthy churches affect communities in a very positive way."

An event planning guide is available on the National Care for Pastors Sunday website.

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