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Evangelical leader considers Romney’s Mormonism

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, October 19, 2012

With one of the most important presidential elections coming up in less than three weeks, some Christian voters are still undecided or against voting for a Mormon candidate. Over two dozen evangelical leaders have addressed the issue.

One of them is Dr. Frank Wright, president of National Religious Broadcasters, who recognizes there are huge theological differences in the understanding of most Christians and many Mormons.


"Governor Romney himself has acknowledged that there are significant differences between the things that he believes and that Christians believe," Wright says.

"But when it comes to matters of public policy, questions of the size and scope of government, questions of religious freedom, in so many different areas, I think his views line up very well with the views of many evangelical Christians."

NRB does not take positions on political candidates, so Wright expresses himself as a private individual in believing Romney could be the greatest defender of religious freedom of the modern era. He also believes that people should cast their votes based on their values.

"I think you need to look at the positions that the candidates hold and ask yourself a question," Wright concludes. "Do those positions square with your own moral understanding, the precepts that you guide yourself by; and do you think that they will be in the best interests of the nation?"

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