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Speaker cut from Catholic conference by Muslim demand

Chad Groening   ( Monday, February 11, 2013

Terrorism expert Robert Spencer is extremely disappointed that a Roman Catholic diocese in Massachusetts caved to the demands of Muslims to rescind an invitation for him to speak at an upcoming men's conference.

Spencer, who is Melkite Greek Catholic and works with Jihad Watch, had been invited by the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, to be a speaker at its March 16 men's conference. But he says due to the efforts of a reporter from the Boston Globe, the diocese changed its mind.

Spencer, Robert (Jihad Watch)"The reporter from the Globe had actually asked Muslim leaders to contact the diocese to ask them to drop me from the conference," he explains. "The diocese acted without giving me a chance to defend myself. They just immediately caved to these Islamist supremacist demands."

Spencer says he sent a letter to the bishop of the Worcester diocese requesting a meeting to clear his name, but that letter has been ignored.

"A petition now has over 1,900 signatures asking the bishop to reinstate me, but no movement on it yet," he adds.

Spencer says there is nothing hateful or bigoted about his views -- and the diocese's decision to pull his invitation is "evidence of the cowardice of Roman Catholic officials." 

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