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NJ bill would ban same-sex therapy

Charlie Butts   ( Thursday, September 13, 2012

Although outlawing therapy to change same-sex attraction is banned in California, what works on the West Coast won't necessarily fly on the East Coast.

New Jersey Assemblyman Tim Eustace plans to introduce a bill to make it against the law for counselors to help minors fighting against same-gender attractions. Len Deo of the New Jersey Family Policy Council tells OneNewsNow that Eustace is an "avowed, open homosexual."


"And like the typical movement, they want to shut up, close down, and shut off any type of consideration for people who want to choose either to get out of the issue of homosexuality or for parents," he remarks. "And this is the key point on this piece of legislation."

The family advocate explains that it shuts down options for parents to deal with their minor children who have same-gender attractions.

"Once again government is coming in and saying We know better than you do [how] to take care of your family and closing down any opportunity that parents have to have their children involved in this type of psychological counseling," he says.

That is in spite of the fact that the therapy has proven its effectiveness, he notes. The bill also intrudes on a person's right to privacy in making decisions impacting their own life. The Council is encouraging New Jersey residents to contact their elected officials to defeat the bill.

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