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A small percentage

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, October 19, 2012

A new Gallup survey shows the LGBT community is only about 3.4 percent of the U.S. population -- a much smaller percentage than that community typically claims.

Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council (FRC), tells OneNewsNow Gallup touts the study as the largest ever on the topic. Sprigg says the findings reflect negatively on the homosexual activist propaganda machine.

Sprigg, Peter (FRC)"It yet again debunks the myth of ten percent of the population being gay, which is the figure that's traditionally been thrown around by people within the homosexual movement," Sprigg notes. "Again, only about a third of that many actually identify that way."

A Gallup poll a year ago asked the general public to estimate the size of the LGBT community in the U.S., and they put it at 24.6 percent -- about seven-times more than the number reflected in the latest survey.

The FRC senior fellow concludes that homosexual activists have done a good job at public relations.

"They've done a spectacular PR job and propaganda job in terms of making it look as though homosexuality is pervasive when actually it's quite a small population," he states.

A variety of studies have been conducted on this issue, all of which reveal that the number of people who identify as homosexual is actually quite small. For example, one figures that only 1.7 percent of the population is lesbian, "gay," bisexual or transsexual.

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