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'Twilight' a 'doorway to darkness,' says radio host

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, November 16, 2012

A TV producer and radio host is advising parents to keep their children from seeing a movie debuting today in theaters nationwide because it is contrary to Christian teachings.

Wohlberg, Steve (White Horse Media)Steve Wohlberg, spokesman and director for White Horse Media and author of The Trouble with Twilight: Why Today's Vampire Craze is Hazardous to Your Health, is warning parents about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 -- a movie that is fueling interest in vampire activities.

"I know that not everybody is going to do that," Wohlberg asserts, "but I read an article out of Australia when the second Twilight movie came out, and it documented clans of vampires and people who are involved in drinking blood popping up all over Queensland and all over Australia."

The problem, according to Wohlberg, is the popular vampire series paints vampires in a very positive light, often leading youngsters to go online and find all types of websites devoted to the subject.

"It's a doorway to darkness, and there [are] all kinds of people out there," the author asserts. "I know many of them who have gotten involved in the occult -- thought it was a good thing, thought it was going to improve their life -- and then it took a turn toward the worst and became something very scary, very frightening. They've been involved with spirits trying to invade their bodies and destroy their lives, and eventually they got out."

He laments the reality that children are growing up without the type of parenting that would warn them about the potential harm movies like Breaking Dawn might bring.

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