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What's going on in Congress?

Chris Woodward   ( Thursday, December 06, 2012

Americans for Prosperity has launched a new effort aimed at helping Americans better understand the issues before Congress.

Henke, Tracy (AFP)Tracy Henke, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Americans for Prosperity (AFP), explains what NoFreeVotes is all about.

"[Visitors] can find all sorts of information regarding what this Congress is looking to address, the impact that those issues will have on them and what they can do to help," she tells OneNewsNow.

Issues include the now decades-low labor participation rate, the death tax and the fiscal cliff. Concerning the latter, AFP is calling on all members of the negotiations to find $109 billion in savings.

"The $109 billion is through the sequestration process and ... the super committee -- what they agreed to," Henke details. "So, right now, we are just asking Congress to uphold their promise and their commitment to the American people."

Visitors concerned about the out-of-control spending and Congress possibly raising taxes can take action through

A video explaining the fiscal cliff and the lame-duck session is also available.

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