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Jihad Watch: Uproar over terror ad a 'war against truth'

Chad Groening   ( Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A terrorism expert calls it outrageous that the FBI pandered to the demands of Islamists and a far-left congressman to remove photos of wanted Islam terrorists from transit buses in Seattle.

FBI anti-terrorism bus ad in Seattle

According to the Seattle Times, the ad called "Faces of Global Terrorism" was being displayed on buses owned by King County Metro, the city's transit system.

The ad showed the faces of 16 Islamic terrorists from various countries, including three who were born in the U.S.

Spencer, Robert (Jihad Watch)"What [pro-Islamic groups] have to do is essentially go to war against the truth," says Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch.

"And anyone who speaks accurately about these issues is met with charges of hatred and bigotry, and Islamophobia," he says.

The banners were pulled after Congressman Jim McDermott (D-Washington) sent a letter to FBI director Robert Mueller, complaining that the ads stereotype Muslims. There were also complaints from various Islamic groups.

Spencer says one has to wonder just where McDermott's loyalty lies.

"It is astonishing that anyone would take seriously the idea that you can't put up posters notifying the public and raising their awareness about the terror threat," he tells OneNewsNow. "And so you have to wonder, is he somehow beholden to Muslim Brotherhood groups in the United States, like the Council on American-Islamic Relations?"

Spencer says the effort to remove the ad is yet another example of how radical Islam and its supporters are attempting to render the American people mute, complacent, and ignorant in the face of the advancing threat of jihad.       

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