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EAG proud of Geneva parents

Bob Kellogg   ( Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teachers in an Illinois school district are threatening to walk unless their demands are met, but parents and residents are telling the school board to stand strong against the union.

Gunn, Steve (EAG)Geneva School District teachers are grumbling over raises and retirement enhancements, and Steve Gunn of the Education Action Group Foundation (EAG) says school boards are often under pressure to cave to union demands.

"When parents have to suddenly arrange for childcare to figure out where their kids are going to be during the day because the teachers are on strike, the parents start picking up the phone and calling the school board and saying Give them what they want -- and it's a very effective tactic," Gunn admits.

But he is encouraged by the taxpayers in this district telling the school board to stand strong because they just cannot afford to meet the union's demands.

"These folks had the guts to show up at a school board meeting, where there are a lot of teachers there … they showed up en masse to show their discontent with the school board," the EAG spokesman reports. "These residents had the courage to stand up and say You know what? If they walk, let them walk."

This is just one of eight proposed walk-outs in Illinois since the beginning of the school year.

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