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False charges made against Christian schools

Bob Kellogg   ( Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A liberal group with a pro-homosexual agenda is attacking a Georgia school-choice scholarship program with allegations they know are false.

According to David Cortman of Alliance Defending Freedom, the Southern Education Foundation (SEF) is going after Christian schools, claiming they have "draconian anti-gay policies and practices."

Cortman, David (ADF)"This specific attack, I think, is pretty egregious, basically because they want to exclude these Christian schools just because they don't share the same sexual agenda as this far-left activist group does," he says. 

Cortman says the Foundation is falsely claiming that taxpayer dollars are going to Christian schools for the scholarship program. He says, however, the scholarships are supported by private donations.

"I think this is just rhetoric. I think they clearly understand that the money comes from private donations," he tells OneNewsNow. "So I don't think it's a matter of being misinformed. I think this is clearly a tact because of their hostility against biblical values and beliefs that Christians and other religious folks hold."

SEF has asked the Georgia Department of Revenue to conduct a full-scale, statewide investigation into the matter, and to attempt to recover all tax funds it says have been used "unlawfully" in support of private school scholarships across the state.

But because he contends the accusations are based on falsehoods, Cortman doubts very much that SEF's efforts to exclude Christian schools from the program will gain much traction.

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