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Union or non-union, teachers more supportive of reform

Bob Kellogg   ( Thursday, February 14, 2013

A survey released by the Association of American Educators raises some interesting questions about the political and professional attitudes of K-12 teachers nationwide.

The survey shows a clear majority of respondents support vouchers and other forms of school choice. While AAE members are non-union, Steve Gunn of Education Action Group wonders if this support does not extend to union-member teachers as well.

Gunn, Steve (EAG)"That sort of raised the question whether or not ultra-liberal, anti-reform positions that the unions take, that the union leadership take, if that's really indicative of what rank-and-file teachers across the country think, and I think there's a disconnect there," he says.

Gunn believes the survey shows a shift in the way younger teachers think, regardless of their affiliation.

"I think that there's a feeling that in general those of the profession are becoming more open to reform, particularly younger teachers," he adds. "They see the obvious problems, they recognize that the unions are just coming from a selfish standpoint, trying to protect the status quo and they want what's best for students and they want what's best for their profession."

AAE is the largest, non-union professional educators' association and does not involve itself in partisan politics.

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