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Features (By Year)

  • Mar. 26

    With billions depending on the world's iconic search engine for virtually every tidbit of information under the sun, Google is looking to take it one step further with its new "truth-seeking algorithm" that will rank sites by what it considers to be truth.

  • Mar. 24

    More evidence pointing to the earth's rapid burial from the Noahic Flood has recently surfaced, further magnifying the problematic timescale of billions of years promoted by evolutionists.

  • Mar. 16

    As if prospective Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton didn't already have her hands full with the Benghazi scandal, questionable foundation contributions and her latest "emailgate" crisis, she now has a sharpshooter taking aim at her record on multiple fronts — and her name is Carly Fiorina, a likely GOP rival come 2016.

  • Mar. 11

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, who by some accounts is considered the wealthiest man on earth, signed into law Friday a decree that will not only slash all government workers' salaries by 10 percent, but will reduce the number of government officials by up to 20 percent.

  • Mar. 03

    Top Democrats are turning up the pressure against college professors who aren't on board with their agenda to unconditionally promote "climate change," even when the evidence stacks up against it.

  • Mar. 02

    Christian pollster George Barna and his staff have examined what attracted – and didn't attract – the attention of moviegoers the past year and found a marked disparity between those who paid to see the films and those who bestow industry honors.

  • Feb. 20

    Unless you're a police officer in California, hitting the target range with your favorite revolver might not be an option soon — let alone, protecting your family from a home intruder. A decision in a federal lawsuit could prove any day now to be the latest victory for gun-control activists at the expense of millions of Californians who want a "piece" of mind.

  • Feb. 19

    Apparently apprehensive about packing his bags to exit the White House in less than two years, President Barack Obama is at it again trying to lock his successor into carrying out his policies.

  • Feb. 13

    Barack Obama's comments at last week's National Prayer Breakfast - in which he called out real and perceived sins from Christianity's past - were an act of pride, not humility, says an observer.

  • Feb. 13

    Not that they thought so in the first place, but conservatives and Christians will be relieved to know that famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson is no longer considered an "extremist hater" by a left-wing advocacy group.

  • Feb. 12

    Smart TV viewers might be a little more guarded next time they strike up conversations in front of their flat screens.

  • Feb. 09

    For the fourth time in the last five centuries, four blood moons are appearing before the Earth's inhabitants. Whether these celestial rarities are a mere natural phenomenon or a historical and biblically prophetic occurrence is explored in renowned global evangelist John Hagee's big screen docu-drama Four Blood Moons, which divulges how the infrequent lunar signs of 1493, 1948-1949 and 1967-1968 coincided with monumental events for the Jewish people.

  • Feb. 03

    Shooting down a Super Bowl weekend record by pulling in $31.9 million at the box office in its third week in U.S. theaters, Clint Eastwood's American Sniper is breaking more than tallies at the box office — it's breaking the back of an anti-war, anti-America campaign that has maliciously attacked the movie and anti-terrorist maneuvers by the United States.

  • Jan. 30

    One thing was noticeably not present for the first time in Greece's history when ultra-Leftist Alexis Tsipras was sworn in on Monday as that nation's first atheist prime minister — a Bible.

  • Jan. 23

    Ironically, President Barack Obama's State of the Union message declaring that "the shadow of crisis has passed" couldn't be further from the truth, says one New York Times bestselling author. He also contends that America's 143-year reign as the world's strongest economic force officially came to a close ... months ago.

  • Jan. 22

    When Americans flock to services across the nation on Sundays and for mid-week Bible studies, the fellowship wouldn't be complete without the element of worship. Because the worshipping of God is so vital to Christians' faith, eliminating the distractions that can inhibit one's praise has been found to be of great importance.