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Features (By Year)

  • Dec13, 2014

    Under the second term of an administration that champions everything from abortion to homosexuality to illegal immigration to big government, many Americans who lean to the Right side of the White House’s Leftist agenda can see the prophet Isaiah’s warning as something directed squarely at their culture.

  • Dec10, 2014

    For the third straight year, homosexual activists have taken to the streets of St. John's and marched at Newfoundland's Christmas parade, which has resulted in the annual event's float entry count dwindling by 50 percent this year.

  • Sep29, 2014

    More than a decade after leaving the Southern Baptist Convention and five years after publicly denouncing the Bible’s teaching of wives submitting to their husbands, former President Jimmy Carter is stepping it up a notch by stating that Jesus wouldn't judge or condemn homosexual behavior.

  • Sep24, 2014

    If you think you’re richer than 99 percent of the people in your state, you’d better take a look at the latest annual income statistics first. Depending on where you live, you might have to make twice as much in one state to enjoy the same top one-percent status of someone in another.

  • Sep10, 2014

    With an aggressive attack by “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on creation as being unscientific over the past couple of years, there is one creation scientist who takes on the evolutionist’s arguments head-on.

  • May21, 2014

    Did you know that over the past three decades, the percentage of people in the world who live in extreme poverty has decreased by more than half? No? Don't worry, well more than three-quarters of Americans didn't know it either.

  • May14, 2014

    The normalization of homosexual behavior is a process that is relentlessly sweeping America. It's front and center in the military, in business, in entertainment, in public schools – and now, thanks to Michael Sam, the NFL, ESPN, and the White House, in professional sports.

  • May09, 2014

    Lambert, JamesA few weeks back, I had the good fortune of going to Israel with my wife and a group of more than 80 people. Our guest hosts were American Family Association president Tim Wildmon and his wife, Allyson.

  • May07, 2014

    A Catholic theologian who is considered one of America's leading public intellectuals says the abortion holocaust in his country can trace its roots to the murderous, life-denying ideology of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

  • Apr04, 2014

    Several Christian movie critics are offering their take on why the highly touted, Hollywood version of Noah and the Flood hasn't garnered quite the public following as another blockbuster a decade ago – Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.

  • Feb27, 2014

    Adapting any book to film can be a challenge, but when you adapt the Book – the Bible – you're just asking for it.

  • Feb21, 2014

    Editor's note: Recently, Fred Jackson – news director for American Family Radio– was invited by Trans World Radio to participate in a tour of that ministry's main Caribbean broadcast center on the island country of Bonaire and to visit some of the Christians in Cuba who have been won to Christ through the TWR broadcasts. This is his account of the adventure.

  • Aug12, 2013

    The eighth annual Values Voter Summit is shaping up to be a don’t-miss event for leaders and activists in the conservative political arena.

  • 18, 2013

    They are your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends and your fellow church members. Outwardly they look like anyone else, but inside they hide a heart-breaking secret.

  • 06, 2013

    Despite losing the recent NFL championship battle at the Superdome, the QB with the golden arm is poised to win the war with the Bible as his strength and shield.

  • 13, 2013

    When Paul and Linda Scholtz saddled up for marriage with a horse, $16 and a pickup truck 37 years ago, little did they know their journey would be one of biblical proportions lasting decades.