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Lawsuit against ObamaCare may begin to go somewhere

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, October 05, 2012

Liberty Counsel's challenge to ObamaCare that was earlier rejected by the Supreme Court may have renewed life.

The Supreme Court ruled ObamaCare constitutional in a split decision, but declined to hear a lawsuit filed by Liberty Counsel on behalf of Liberty University and two private individuals. Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver tells OneNewsNow, however, that upon opening its new term this week, the Supreme Court directed the federal government to respond to the lawsuit.

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel)"That's a good sign. I think what the court will do is grant our petition, send it back down to the federal court of appeals where we will be able to then focus on the two issues that have never been decided -- and that is the employer mandate and the free exercise of religion because of the forced funding of abortion," Staver says.

"That will mean that we are already at the federal court of appeals and from there can go back to the U.S. Supreme Court once we get a final ruling."

The issues cited are the only two unique issues involving the ObamaCare mandate that the Supreme Court has not reviewed -- and they also happen to be unique to the Liberty Counsel case. When that court issued its decision, it basically said there were other constitutional guarantees that would be protected but not decided in the initial ruling. Encroachment on religious freedom is one of them.

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