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Taxpayers still paying to 'destroy human life'

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, October 12, 2012

The Supreme Court is being asked to force the Obama administration to abide by federal law.

Alliance Defending Freedom is asking the court to review an appeals court decision that allows federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research to continue. Research scientists oppose the administration's policy that authorizes the National Institutes of Health to use tax dollars to fund research that destroys human embryos and violates the Dickey-Wicker Amendment.

Aden, Steven (ADF)"Americans shouldn't be forced to pay for experiments that destroy human life, have produced no real-world treatments and violate federal law, especially in economic times like these," contends ADF senior counsel Steven H. Aden.

"Congress designed that law so that Americans don't pay any more precious taxpayer dollars for needless research made irrelevant by adult stem-cell and other research."

Adult stem-cell research has already produced positive results for about 80 diseases and medical conditions, while human embryo research has produced nothing practical.

ADF hopes the Supreme Court will accept the case and force obedience to federal law.

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