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Another defendant added to Dearborn case

Chad Groening   ( Monday, December 03, 2012

A Judeo-Christian law firm is pleased that a federal judge has ruled that a pro-Muslim organization can be a defendant in a lawsuit alleging civil rights violations against Christian missionaries.

As OneNewsNow has reported, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Dearborn, its mayor, its chief of police, 17 other police officers and two executives of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce in relation to the way four Christian missionaries were treated during the Michigan town's Annual International Arab Festival in June 2010.

Muise, Robert (AFLC) 2Robert Muise, senior trial counsel and co-founder of the AFLC, reports that a federal judge has now agreed to include the American Arab Chamber of Commerce itself as a defendant in the suit.

"The American Arab Chamber of Commerce has been running this festival for many years. And when it had a change of leadership in 2009, Fay Beydoun, who is the executive director whom we sued also in this lawsuit, when she took over in 2009 is when things started to get bad for the Christians, where Christian persecution was exceedingly prevalent," Muise explains.

The attorney notes the fact that his clients were acquitted of criminal charges related to the incident made this suit possible.

"These individuals were handcuffed, publicly humiliated, brought through the streets of the city of Dearborn while the Muslim protestors were cheering, thrown in jail, spent the night in jail and then had to endure a weeklong criminal trial away from their families, away from their work, only to be acquitted because their rights were violated," the attorney details. "So there certainly are damage claims there."

Barring a settlement, the case is scheduled to go to trial next August.

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