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Minn. funding elective abortions, breaking state law

Charlie Butts   ( Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Minnesota is being asked to justify use of tax dollars for elective abortions. Alliance Defending Freedom has filed suit to get some answers.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two African-Americans. Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Steven H. Aden tells OneNewsNow Minnesota can only use public funds for abortions that are defined as medically necessary, but government figures clearly demonstrate that tax dollars have paid for thousands of elective abortions for indigent women.

Aden, Steven (ADF)"The reporting statistics don't lie. The state is indisputably funding medically unnecessary abortions in violation of state law," Aden reports. "40 percent of these abortions are being executed on African-Americans, even though they make up only five percent of the state's population. This lawsuit intends to stop this from continuing."

A 1995 court ruled that while medically necessary abortions could be funded by the state, abortions on demand are not permitted. But over a 12-year period, Minnesota taxpayers funded more than 47,000 abortions on indigent women, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The same source shows that at least 37,000 of the abortions violated a state law passed in the 1970s.

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