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Pro-family leader on Texas lawsuit: Homosexuals imposing their morality

Charlie Butts   ( Monday, December 02, 2013

Homosexuals in Texas are asking a federal judge to force officials to stop upholding the state's marriage amendment. 

A lesbian couple who were married in another state, and two men who live together, filed the lawsuit.

The constitutional amendment was approved by 76 percent of Texas voters in 2005, notes Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values.

"Do laws mean anything to the homosexual advocates?" asks Saenz. "It's gotten to this point to where the only way they win is people don't enforce the law. That kind of mob rule will not work, and it's something that will be a disaster for our state and our country."

Saenz, Jonathan (Texas Values)The Christian Post has reported that Greg Abbott, the Texas attorney general, has vowed to defend the state's traditional marriage law.

A spokesman for Abbott said states have "independent authority" to determine their marriage laws despite a June decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which overturned part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. An attorney for the Texas plaintiffs is pointing to the same ruling as a basis for his clients' lawsuit.

A federal judge could hear arguments from the lawsuit as early as January.

Saenz contends the only way the homosexual couples could win the case is if federal judges and the appeals court legislate from the bench, which they are not supposed to do.


"This is the definition of a frivolous lawsuit," he complains, adding that the only way homosexuals can win is to force their own version of morality on others.

Saenz argues homosexuals want it all – total acceptance of their lifestyle by people and by each state's laws. They also want to force their morality on churches and religious institutions.

"And if people think that's nonsense, just look at the U.K.," Saenz points out. "There's already a lawsuit to try and force the Church of England to perform a homosexual marriage since they legalized gay marriage in that area."

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