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Pro-lifer: TX judge bungled Munoz case

Charlie Butts   ( Monday, January 27, 2014

Texas pro-life groups are taking issue with a ruling by a Ft. Worth judge regarding an incapacitated pregnant woman.

In late November, Marlise Munoz was found collapsed on a floor in her home in Texas. She was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. Doctors subsequently determined she was brain dead and a court battle ensued based on a Texas law that stipulates life support cannot be removed from a pregnant woman. But on Friday, Ft. Worth Judge R.H. Wallace ordered life support be removed. Sunday afternoon, that order was carried out by John Peter Smith Hospital.

OneNewsNow talked with Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life about Judge Wallace's handling of the case.

Graham, Elizabeth (TRTL)"He just assumed that she was in fact dead which is very, very dangerous," she states. "And that way, by his summary judgment that she's dead, no other action needs to be taken by the hospital. And so he kind of circumvented any of the discussion by just saying the patient is dead so take the treatment away."

According to reports, there was no discussion of possibilities for rehab or keeping her on life support until the baby could be taken and given a chance to live. That bothers Graham greatly.

"And our concern too is either the law applies or it doesn't; and the law is very clear that you can't remove treatment," she explains. "He has set like 12 precedents just by his very careless mishandling of this case."

In making his ruling, Wallace pointed to Supreme Court rulings legalizing abortion and ignored the fact that the child, now 22 weeks into the pregnancy, is a living human being who only needs a few more weeks to have a chance to live.

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