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Media (By Year)

  • Jan27, 2015

    A media watchdog group is excoriating the broadcast networks for its blackout of last week's March for Life in Washington, DC.

  • Jan22, 2015

    A media watchdog says Hollywood elites are showing callous hypocrisy by criticizing violence and profanity in the new box office blockbuster, "American Sniper."   

  • Jan12, 2015

    A former U.S. Justice Department attorney has a warning about the influence of Al Jazeera, the pro-Muslim TV network. 

  • Jan10, 2015

    After leaving the highly offensive photo titled “Piss Christ” posted for 26 years — despite decades of public Christian outcry over the image panned as art — The Associated Press finally removed the controversial and denigrating image, but only after a journalist called out its double standard brought to light when it touted its policy of not publishing potentially offensive Charlie Hebdo satirical cartoons of Muhammad, such as the ones that incited the deadly Paris attack.

  • Jan09, 2015

    HBO's liberal "Real Time" host, Bill Maher, candidly spoke out Wednesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," blasting the Leftist media for skirting around calling the jihadist assassination of 12 French citizens at Charlie Hebdo an Islamic terrorist attack — and noting the depravity of "mainstream" Muslims applauding the massacre.

  • Jan07, 2015

    A conservative activist says a magazine's recently published list of what it calls the 20 "craziest" politicians reflects the blatant left-wing bias prevalent in the mainstream media.

  • Jan06, 2015

    Accolades continue to come in for the first feature-length film created by American Family Studios – and some of the responses to Summer Snow have eternal consequences.

  • Jan05, 2015

    The Hearst family is being told by a family member to clean up its act and the format and content of the family-owned Cosmopolitan magazine.

  • Jan05, 2015

    The UP TV Network has been honored again by a TV watchdog group with a seal of approval as it launches a new reality series called "Bringing up Bates."

  • Jan31, 2014

    Accustomed to the world's most formidable terrorist group, ISIS, making headlines overseas for its wrath in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, many Americans were shocked to see the militant Islamic organization force its way into their living rooms last week through their computer screens and electronic devices with the chilling message: "We are already here."

  • Dec29, 2014

    Dallas-based NSearch Technology, Inc., an e-commerce and media company, has officially announced the launch of "God's Word Speaks," an audio reading of the Bible.

  • Dec29, 2014

    For those wondering whether the world-renowned "Harry Potter" books and movies are pro-homosexual, wonder no more. Author J.K. Rowling has made it official – again – that the bestselling children's fiction series is pro-LGBT, complete with a "gay" hero.

  • Dec29, 2014

    A pro-Israel activist and terrorism expert says she's honored that a pro-Israel documentary she produced has been nominated for two Emmys. 

  • Dec21, 2014

    When it comes to Christmas-themed movies and shows, most Americans would like to believe that Hollywood is giving them an accurate portrayal of the Christmas offerings they are watching around the holidays, but is this really the case?

  • Dec19, 2014

    Sony Pictures Entertainment is getting backlash for dropping the film "The Interview," a comedy that includes the killing of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. 

  • Dec15, 2014

    A family advocacy group has released a report that finds an overwhelming majority of broadcast television shows about families contain some form of adult content, including sex, violence and profanity. But that isn't the most troubling finding.