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Islam-friendly 'journalist's guide' blasted as propoganda

Chad Groening   ( Friday, September 27, 2013

The head of a messianic Jewish ministry says the new "journalist's guide" being pushed by a controversial Islamic organization is propaganda, intended to whitewash the truth about the evil nature of Islam.

The guide is called "American Muslims: A Journalist's Guide to Understanding Islam and Muslims."  

The radical Council on American Islamic Relations says the “guide” is the centerpiece of its "Beyond Stereotypes" campaign. It shows smiling, happy Muslims, including Muslim women, but not surprisingly there are no photos of gun-toting terrorists, or images of the destruction caused by Islam.  

Markell, Jan (Olive Tree Ministries)Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, says most of the guide is pure propaganda. 

"Most of those are lunacy,” she says. “There's no freedom of religion. There's no women's rights. Islam and democracy simply don't go together anywhere." 

Markell says it is ridiculous that the so-called journalist's guide to Islam claims that somehow Islam is not treated fairly by the mainstream media.

"The press will crucify Christians but they stay silent on the atrocities of Islam,” she tells OneNewsNow. “So the American news media is the lapdog of Islam."

Markell says the Muslim propaganda guide tries to further revise reality and history by claiming that Islam was and is not spread by the sword. 

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