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Churches to learn about global water problem

Charlie Butts   ( Sunday, January 13, 2013

Churches throughout the country are gearing up for Water Sunday.

Herr, Kevin (Water Missions International)The Water Missions International project is designed to inform church congregations about the water crisis in Third World countries and raise money to drill wells. Spokesman Kevin Herr tells OneNewsNow more about the mission and purpose.

"Water can be a killer, and many people around the world -- nearly one billion, actually -- lack access to safe water, so they're drinking contaminated water from lakes or rivers or streams," he details. "Water Missions International has a long, lasting, sustainable solution to provide safe water to those people. And they're not only providing safe water, but more importantly, providing access to the living water message of Jesus Christ."

March 22 is World Water Day, and the ministry's website provides resources to equip churches to educate their congregations on the global water problem, challenge members to get involved, and make a tangible impact in poverty-stricken countries.

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