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Partnering for Christ in Kenya, South Sudan

Russ Jones   ( Monday, January 14, 2013

KENYA - A mission team from the U.S. is in Kenya looking for ways to bring needed medical care to small villages.

HIMM (Heal Internat'l Medical Missions)The Texas-based Heal International Medical Missions (HIMM), known as HIMM, is in both South Sudan and Kenya looking to expand its international reach. HIMM serves those in medical need as well as those within the medical profession.

Director of operations for the organization, Michael Mosley, says he sees great promise in Kenya and South Sudan.

"It's absolutely critical that we identify key partnerships in a foreign country," he tells OneNewsNow. "We are the foreigners who are coming to serve, and we have been blessed with that here."

Mosley explains that this just-completed journey to Africa has been fruitful. "We've identified Children Are People as a ministry that we can serve with; also a few other partnerships -- spiritual partners, medical partners -- within the region," he says.

Kenya"The Lord has really brought together all the pieces for us to come and to offer encouragement and support of an existing system that's in place."

Mosley said HIMM not only partners with existing medical clinics but integrates Christian discipleship within its efforts.

"We've all been given a provisional tool in our life," says the mission group spokesman, "and if we can utilize that provisional tool to share Christ, that's really doing discipleship. So we come to encourage people to do discipleship within their provisional tool."

HIMM currently has surgical mission partnerships in Ouanaminthe, Haiti; Quiche, Guatemala; and Juigalpa, Nicaragua.

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