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National Security (By Year)

  • Sep02, 2014

    The Muslim terrorist who murdered 14 (including the preborn child of a pregnant woman) and injured more than 30 at Fort Hood has provided evidence in the form of a letter to the Islamic State that should help confused officials at the Department of Defense to correctly identify the nature of his attack at the military base in Killeen, Texas, almost five years ago.

  • Aug28, 2014

    The terrorist group ISIS is such a threat, says one defense analyst, that the United States may one day cooperate with Iran to fight it.  

  • Aug27, 2014

    The leader of a Messianic Jewish ministry says it never ceases to amaze her that former president Jimmy Carter has never met anything Islamic that doesn't find favor with him. 

  • Aug27, 2014

    A Middle East expert says he disagrees with a top U.S. general who has said Islamic terrorist group ISIS is not a direct threat to the U.S. homeland. 

  • Aug26, 2014

    A coalition of organizations is planning 71 rallies across the country this weekend to rally support for the nation's beleaguered law enforcement officers and veterans. 

  • Aug27, 2014

    A U.S.-born Israeli author and Middle East expert says he is unhappy with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to go along with another cease-fire in Gaza.

  • Aug26, 2014

    A terrorism expert says Barack Obama didn't seem to care about violating the law earlier this year when he authorized the swap of five Taliban leaders for an Army sergeant who had been held prisoner in Afghanistan for five years.

  • Aug26, 2014

    Instead of its War Crimes Commission investigating abuses in international conflicts, the United Nations is being told to cooperate with an investigation that questions its potential complicity in war crimes with the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza.

  • Aug22, 2014

    President Obama's lax immigration policy, says a border enforcement advocacy group, makes it more likely that ISIS terrorists and other bad actors can illegally enter the country.

  • Aug21, 2014

    A national defense analyst doesn't believe Barack Obama has the intestinal fortitude to do what's necessary to defeat the barbaric terrorist group ISIS.

  • Aug16, 2014

    According to a policy analyst, energy policy plays a part in America's national security. The issue, he says, is picking which policy is best.

  • Aug18, 2014

    A national defense analyst says he is concerned that recent actions on the Russia-Ukraine border might be a sign that Vladimir Putin is ready to invade.

  • Aug14, 2014

    A terrorism expert says it is time for the western world to stop political correctness and engage in an all-out effort to crush radical Islam.

  • Aug13, 2014

    A mega-church pastor recently returned from Israel says Americans really need to understand the sheer brutality of the terrorist group Hamas, and how the Israelis bend over backwards to avoid harming innocent Palestinian civilians.

  • Aug14, 2014

    Despite the United Nations' and President Barack Obama's recent responses to the genocide taking place in Iraq at the hands of the Islamic State, the American nonprofit organization, Coptic Solidarity, and American Center for Law and Justice Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow call out the latest efforts as political posturing that is "grossly inadequate" and too little, too late.

  • Aug12, 2014

    A former U.S. Navy chaplain, now a Christian activist, says the U.S. armed forces are continuing to bow to atheists, this time over Bibles on naval bases.