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National Security (By Year)

  • Mar. 29

    President Barack Obama is being called out for dishonoring the United States of America by trading five Islamic terrorists for a known military deserter, former U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

  • Mar. 27

    Despite receiving intelligence from Egypt that ISIS is in the process of brewing up an arsenal of chemical weapons to further its terrorist onslaught on Western nations, the White House is reportedly looking past such warnings.

  • Mar. 24

    According to well-known Christian author and speaker Joel Rosenberg, most Israelis are deeply concerned by the enmity President Barack Obama is displaying toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Mar. 24

    A messianic Jewish leader believes that President Barack Obama may try to use the UN to seek revenge for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election victory and continued resistance to a Palestinian state.

  • Mar. 22

    A conservative military watchdog says a new report from the UK adds to the growing evidence that putting women in direct ground combat units would cause disproportionate harm to military women and reduce overall readiness.

  • Mar. 20

    An observer of Israeli politics says Benjamin Netanyahu was just following his usual form when it appeared the Israeli prime minister may have been backtracking from his campaign pledge to oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state.

  • Mar. 19

    An immigration enforcement advocacy organization is concerned about the Obama administration's plan to potentially allow thousands of Syrian refugees to enter the United States.

  • Mar. 11

    An advocate for military readiness says a court order banning the U.S. military from referring to a male soldier as "he" is an example of judicial overreach.  

  • Mar. 10

    Conservative critics are asking why the United States, as the world's superpower, is timidly responding to Iran's demands concerning its nuclear program, while verbally chastising Israel for boldly standing up to the overtly hostile Islamic Republic.

  • Mar. 09

    Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is raising concerns over reports that the Obama administration is considering guarantees of a "nuclear umbrella" for Persian Gulf states.

  • Mar. 08

    The results are in. Americans prefer Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s boldness to defend his nation against Iran over President Barack Obama’s weakness in handling Iran’s nuclear threat.

  • Mar. 03

    Following his speech yesterday to thousands of pro-Israel supporters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to deliver an impassioned address later this morning before Congress about the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran.

  • Mar. 03

    A messianic Jewish leader says, during his historic address to Congress Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to prevent another Jewish holocaust. 

  • Mar. 02

    A Messianic Jewish leader expects Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be extremely "Churchillian" – much to the chagrin of the White House – when he addresses a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

  • Feb. 27

    A Messianic Jewish leader fears that many attendees of this weekend's pro-Israel gathering will buy into the lies delivered by two high-profile Obama administration officials scheduled to address the conference.

  • Feb. 24

    A Minnesota-based Messianic Jewish leader says people in the Twin Cities are concerned about an Islamic terrorist group’s threat to attack the Mall of America.