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National Security

Terrorism expert: Obama-backed Syrians killed Shia parents in front of child

Chad Groening   ( Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A pro-Israel activist and terrorism expert calls it “deplorable" that the Obama-backed Syrian rebels chained a young child to a fence and forced her to watch while they tortured and executed her parents.

The photo was originally posted in June on Facebook but only recently went viral on the internet.

"It's absolutely deplorable. It's the Sunni Muslims who Obama is funding with our tax dollars that murdered these parents,” says Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.


The Syrian girl was reportedly chained to a fence by members of the U.S.-supported "Free Syrian Army,” which is dominated by foreign Sunni jihadists. The toddler was forced to watch the brutal murder of her parents, whose only "crime" was being Shia.   

“There should be impeachment proceedings filed against this president for treason,” she says, adding that Obama is arming and aiding and abetting the enemy.

"This administration has gone to the Middle East in Tunisia, in Libya, in Egypt and in Syria,” she tells OneNewsNow. “And they have worked to establish Sunni Muslim Brotherhood governments. Or they're funding the Sunni Muslim rebels in this region."

Cardoza-Moore says the Obama administration is helping destabilize that region of the world which will make it more likely that Israel will eventually be attacked by its Islamic enemies. 

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