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  • Ukraine: Russian forces in major rebel cities

    KIEV, Ukraine (September 2, 2014) - A Ukrainian official said Tuesday that Russian forces have been spotted in both of the major rebel-held cities in eastern Ukraine.

  • Russia's gains cloud Obama's assurances to Baltics

    WASHINGTON (September 2, 2014) - For the second time this year, President Barack Obama will travel to Russia's backyard to assure nervous nations of his ironclad commitment to their security. But his objectives will be clouded by the West's inability to halt the Russian aggression in Ukraine that has stoked fears in other former Soviet republics.

  • Buyer's remorse on Common Core for policymakers?

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (September 2, 2014) - Millions of students will sit down at computers this year to take new tests rooted in the Common Core standards for math and reading, but policymakers in many states are having buyer's remorse.

  • U.S. military attacks al-Shabab in Somalia

    MOGADISHU, Somalia (September 2, 2014) - U.S. military forces attacked the extremist al-Shabab network in Somalia Monday, the Pentagon said, and a witness described ground-shaking explosions in a strike that reportedly targeted the group's leader.

  • Detroit's historic bankruptcy trial to begin

    DETROIT (September 2, 2014) - Lawyers for Detroit will attempt to convince a federal judge at the city's bankruptcy trial that its plans to wipe out billions of dollars in debt should be approved.

  • More than 30 teens escape from detention center

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 2, 2014) - More than 30 teens escaped from a Nashville youth detention center and 17 were still being sought early Tuesday, a spokesman said.

Tuesday,  September 2,  2014

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