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  • Obama faces left-right opposition on trade, military force

    WASHINGTON (February 24, 2015)- Reps. Barbara Lee and John Fleming are highly dubious at best about President Barack Obama's requests for enhanced powers to make trade deals and to deploy the U.S. military. And that's like oil and water mixing easily.

  • Meaning of 4 words at center of high court health law fight

    WASHINGTON (February 24, 2015)- The Supreme Court next week hears a challenge to President Barack Obama's health care overhaul that hinges on just four words in the massive law that seeks to dramatically reduce the ranks of the uninsured. The argument threatens subsidies that help make insurance affordable to consumers in about three dozen states.

  • Appeals court to consider warrantless cellphone tracking

    ATLANTA (February 24, 2015)- A federal appeals court in Atlanta is set to hear arguments in a Florida case over warrantless cellphone tracking.

  • Mayor: At least 8 dead in Czech restaurant shooting

    PRAGUE (February 24, 2015)- A man in the Czech Republic opened fire Tuesday in a restaurant, leaving at least eight people dead, the town's mayor said.

Friday,  February 27,  2015

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