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Perspectives (By Year)

    • May. 29

      Michelle MalkinAs always, the Beltway narcissists have it backward. Without private enterprise and free-market visionaries, public infrastructure wouldn't exist.

    • May. 28

      It's beyond sad that the love of rape and other sexual depravity that dominates Hollywood today has become an object of humor and so-called "entertainment" on the airwaves.

    • May. 27

      Star ParkerScience in the hands of politicians who invest other people's money is a formula for failure and waste. Let private citizens make the call on this – and let the president do what the Constitution calls him to do: protect us.

    • May. 27

      Michael BrownSadly, the tried and true tactics of bullying, intimidation, media bombardment, aggressive activism, and massive U.S. funding won another victory for the gay revolution.

    • May. 26

      Knight, Robert (ACRU)The drive to radically redefine marriage didn't happen overnight. It's the rotten fruit of the sexual revolution's march through the institutions of America.

    • May. 20

      Michelle MalkinIn Denver, he found employment as a machinist but aroused the ire of union shop leaders who complained when he completed more pieces than his colleagues or skipped his mandated breaks. 

    • May. 19

      Thomas SowellThe fact that most of the rhetorical ploys used by Barack Obama and other redistributionists will not stand up under scrutiny means very little politically. 

    • May. 18

      Robert KnightIn the ACLU’s utopia, sex offenders hand out candy to children; family-friendly parades feature songs glorifying sexual violence; boys wear prom dresses...

    • May. 15

      Michael BrownI regret that I put some quotes together in the same misleading context as did some gay websites – and I apologize for the oversight. At the same time, as Pastor Stanley knows, the quotes themselves do concern me.

    • May. 15

      Michelle MalkinWhile private health insurance exchanges have operated smoothly and satisfied customers for decades, the ObamaCare models – despite the billions invested – are bleeding money and seeking more taxpayer bailouts.

    • May. 13

      Michelle MalkinIt's hard to take Michelle Obama seriously, because she has been caught so brazenly lying about the racial discrimination she supposedly still faces today even as first lady of the United States.

    • May. 12

      Michael BrownThe popular Georgia pastor couldn't be more wrong: truth is not determined by consensus. Worst of all, though, is his call for Christians to "take a break" for one year from the culture wars.

    • May. 11

      Bryan FischerHomosexual activists don't want Jesus' forgiveness for their sexual sin – they want his approval. This is something he cannot and will never offer.

    • May. 11

      Kevin McCulloughShould you provoke someone just because you can? It's an interesting question. One that — depending on the answer — leads one down a path of numerous outcomes.

    • May. 08

      Wildmon, TimUntil the issue of fatherlessness is solved and people start taking personal responsibility for their actions, no amount of tax money sent to America's inner cities will ever stop the lawlessness we're witnessing.

    • May. 06

      Bryan FischerMaybe "homocons" – or perhaps "gayservatives" or "gaytarians" or some other such concoction will suffice. Just don't call them "conservatives," for that most certainly isn't what they are or what they stand for.