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Perspectives (By Year)

    • Dec19, 2014

      Michelle MalkinOh, woe is she. In an "exclusive" interview with People magazine this week, first lady Michelle Obama lamented the "sting" of "racist experiences" that she and her husband allegedly still suffer. My message for America's Marie Antoinette? Cry me a river.

    • Dec19, 2014

      James LambertThe History Channel recently aired the one-hour special Playboy & How It Changed the World. The special on Hugh Hefner and his pornography empire, however, lacked significant objectivity in its reporting, presenting a positive, one-sided fluff piece on the effect the publication and its various subsidiaries have had on America and the rest of the world since it was founded in the early 1950s.

    • Dec18, 2014

      Michael BrownWhy do I take the stands that I take? What motivates me to swim against the tide of cultural decline?

    • Dec17, 2014

      Michelle MalkinAllow me to unite America's left, right and center in just three words: No, Jeb, No.

    • Dec16, 2014

      Thomas SowellWould you even care what the definition of "torture" was, when the alternative was seeing millions of innocent people murdered?

    • Dec10, 2014

      Michelle MalkinThe wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, just like the endless cycles of big, bad government programs to federalize preschool and daycare.

    • Dec09, 2014

      Thomas SowellLet me wish everyone a Merry Christmas, while we are still allowed to say that...

    • Dec08, 2014

      Kevin McCulloughA simple question to those who protest the grand juries in the police-related deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner: "What do you really want?"

    • Dec05, 2014

      Bryan FischerIt turns out that almost everything bleated out by the race-mongers and the low-information media about the Eric Garner tragedy has turned out to be wrong.

    • Dec05, 2014

      Michael BrownWhatever our government has tried to do to correct our history of injustice to African Americans, we have not made things better. In many ways we have made things worse.

    • Dec03, 2014

      Michelle MalkinIf he was a Republican, you'd know who Terry Bean is. But since he's a wealthy Democratic donor, a gay-rights activist, and a personal friend of Barack Obama, The New York Times has said nothing – nothing! – about Bean facing sex abuse charges involving a 15-year-old boy.

    • Dec02, 2014

      Bryan FischerThe prominent Southern Baptist theologian and seminary president, I'm afraid, has a laid a trap for himself in making statements on human sexuality that are somewhat confusing and need to be clarified. I only wish he would do so.

    • Dec02, 2014

      Adams, Dr. Mike (UNC-Wilmington)By sending the message that people aren't responsible for burning down their own neighborhoods, academics are contributing to the likelihood that it will happen again in the future – and they know it.

    • Dec02, 2014

      Thomas SowellWhy do some people insist on believing whatever they want to believe? That's a question that's hard to answer. But one that's easy to answer is: Who benefits most from the Ferguson riots? The politicians and racial demagogues, that's who.

    • Dec01, 2014

      Star ParkerGovernment money, government schools, labor and minimum wage laws, create all the conditions to guarantee future Fergusons – lack of education, lack of family, lack of work. But Democrats and black political leadership, because of their vested interest in the status quo, won't lead change.

    • Nov26, 2014

      Bryan FischerAny ruling from any federal court that imposes domestic policy on a state is by its very nature unconstitutional, and no governor has any obligation to obey it.