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Perspectives (By Year)

    • Aug19, 2014

      Thomas SowellIf politics were like sports, we could ask Israel to trade us Benjamin Netanyahu for Barack Obama. 

    • Aug18, 2014

      Bryan FischerAt some point Brown stopped, turned around, and confronted Wilson with angry epithets. And then apparently after taunting Wilson, he charged him. 

    • Aug13, 2014

      Bryan FischerRobin Williams' desperately sad ending arouses our sympathy, as it should. But we must not confuse our sympathy with God's salvation. There's only one path to eternal life.

    • Aug13, 2014

      Michelle MalkinWhen Republicans hire lobbyists, it's a culture of corruption and influence peddling. But when Barack Obama hires lobbyists, it's a celebration of experience diversity.

    • Aug12, 2014

      Bryan FischerThe Pentagon is now admitting that air strikes against ISIS will ultimately prove ineffective in slowing its advance, and NBC is reporting that any military effort to stop ISIS in Iraq is a 10- to 20-year proposition. Not gonna happen.

    • Aug11, 2014

      Bryan FischerThere are grave questions about whether our president has any appreciation for the threat that Islam represents to America, or possesses a willingness to do anything about it if he does.

    • Aug11, 2014

      Star Parker"Extreme individualism," which some credit for recent tea party setbacks, is in fact about feeding at the public trough indifferent to our ability to replenish it – exactly what the tea party is not about.

    • Aug08, 2014

      Bryan FischerUntil now, Barack Obama has shown no empathy or inclination to intervene to stop the wholesale slaughter of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East. Why has it taken the suffering of devil-worshippers to rouse him to action?

    • Aug08, 2014

      Michelle MalkinIt's back-to-school season across the country. But in an increasing number of districts, "back to school" doesn't mean back to learning. Under the reign of social justice indoctrinators, academics are secondary to political agitation. Activism trumps achievement.

    • Aug07, 2014

      Michael BrownFormer President Jimmy Carter, who once accused Israel of being an "apartheid state" worse than South Africa, has gone even further, rebuking the Jewish State for the way it has waged war with Hamas while actually siding with the terrorists.

    • Aug06, 2014

      Michelle MalkinWhile the folks in Washington just talk about it, the men and women of the Border Patrol are sworn to provide border security. They don't have time for political games and politically correct niceties.

    • Aug04, 2014

      Winter, Tim (PTC)McDonald's decision to sponsor VH1's new "Dating Naked" reality show is consistent with a long-term trend that the Parents Television Council has observed with great concern for the last few years.

    • Aug04, 2014

      Knight, Robert (ACRU)Just because a recent impeachment bill didn't go anywhere doesn't mean Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee can rewrite history, even if that's her hobby.

    • Aug04, 2014

      Michael BrownHow foolish it is to redefine marriage, restrict freedoms of conscience, speech, and religion, and engage in a massive social experiment based on such a tiny percentage of the population. We won't be duped again.

    • Aug01, 2014

      Dr. Michael YoussefMany modern Christians don't fear God. Instead they fear that their image will be tarnished by being labeled as haters and bigots.

    • Jul31, 2014

      Bryan FischerIn a fevered blast of judicial activism and rabid pro-abortion extremism, the 5th Circuit has invented an entirely new constitutional category of rights based exclusively on geography.