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Tea party to return in 2013?

Chad Groening   ( Monday, December 17, 2012

A tea party activist and New York Times bestselling author expects the conservative group to make a strong comeback in 2013.

The tea party held massive rallies in 2010, ultimately helping usher a Republican majority into the House of Representatives. But in the 2012 election season, fewer rallies were held, as tea partiers worked behind the scenes. As a result, Barack Obama was reelected to a second term and the Republicans suffered another loss in the Senate.

Corsi, JeromeDr. Jerome Corsi, a contributor to and author of the e-book, Saul Alinsky: The Evil Genius Behind Obama, believes 2013 holds a tea party comeback.

"The tea party sentiment is still there, and I think you're going to find as taxes increase steadily through 2013, which they're going to do, the tea party is going to probably be double what it was, with people basically just getting on the edge of a tax revolt here," Dr. Corsi predicts.

He points out that the pendulum always swings.

"The probability is that Obama is going to carry socialism and government welfare dependency to the maximum he can get it to. At some point or another, there is a breaking point," the conservative submits.

"That's probably the only salvation we have, if there is one, and this is where the tea party has got to come back in and be revitalized. Like Margaret Thatcher said, at some point in socialism, 'you run out of other people's money' to spend."

Still, the author cautions, those who are on the government dole are often reluctant to give up their free ride.

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