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Bauer high on Palin for Senate

Chad Groening   ( Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conservative activist and political pundit Gary Bauer believes former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would make a "fantastic" United States senator.

A recent Republican survey showed the high-profile former GOP vice-presidential nominee with a two-percent edge (32% to 30%) over Alaska Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell for the right to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich next year. Joe Miller, the tea party-backed nominee in 2010, finished a distant third with 14 percent.

The poll was commissioned by the Tea Party Leadership Fund, which is hoping to convince Palin to enter the race. Thus far she has not expressed any public interest in running, though she has not ruled it out. But Gary Bauer of American Values likes the idea.

Bauer, Gary"I am a tremendous supporter of and fan of Sarah Palin," he tells OneNewsNow. "I think she is a unique person in American politics. I think a lot of her blue-collar, populist, conservative message is exactly what the national Republican Party needs right now."

Bauer admits, however, that he does not know enough about Alaska politics to gauge how she might be perceived in an actual election campaign.

"[I don't know] whether the smear-attack machine that the left has put together has so smeared her and her reputation that ... it would be easy or hard to get her elected to the United States Senate from Alaska," he says. "[But] I certainly think Sarah Palin would make a fantastic senator."

Begich, currently in his first term in the Senate, is expected to face a tough re-election challenge in the heavily Republican state.

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