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Advice to GOP for 2014: Don't fall for 'war on women' rhetoric

Chad Groening   ( Friday, December 06, 2013

A pro-family leader and conservative pundit doesn't believe Democrats will be able to use their "war on women" strategy successfully in 2014.

The Democratic Party is hoping that it can recycle next year the same strategy that it used successfully in 2012 when it accused GOP candidates of supporting "anti-women" policies and making offensive remarks about abortion and rape. National Review has reported that Democrats hope a new group of female candidates in the coming election cycle can help the party take back politically important governor's mansions and retain its fragile majority in the Senate.

Robert Knight is a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times. He thinks Democratic incumbents like Senators Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) and Kay Hagen (North Carolina) are in trouble because of their policies.

Knight, Robert (ACRU)"There are several Democrats in trouble for one reason: they voted for ObamaCare, and they can't cover that up," he says bluntly. "I don't think Kay Hagen or Mary Landrieu can overcome that baggage and turn to the 'war on women' to save them. I think Obama is the major issue ... [as well as] the joblessness out there."

Knight believes if Republicans make those the two most important issues, they will do well in 2014.

"What they've got to do is avoid falling into traps the way a couple of candidates did the last time around and got ensnared in the 'war on women' rhetoric," he recalls. "They've got to learn how to talk about these issues – and also not to be defensive about them, but to put their questioners on the defensive."

Knight says the best GOP defense in 2014 will be a good offense.

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