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President’s choice of gift for Pelosi an insult to Catholics

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, April 04, 2014

In the view of genuine Catholics, the gift of a rosary from President Obama to Representative Nancy Pelosi represents arrogance

The gift was a rosary blessed by Pope Francis during the president's recent visit to Rome and the Vatican. Judie Brown, founder of American Life League, finds the president’s action to be offensive.


“I'm horrified, because as a Catholic, I think it's sacrilegious for someone like Pelosi – who is allegedly a Catholic – to accept anything from a pro-abortion president, but specifically when it is a rosary,” she says. “It's a sacrilege for the president to have given it to anybody or to have accepted it in the first place. He has no faith.”

It comes across as an in-your-face action against religion.

“It's absolutely defiant,” she declares. “But then everything that Obama has done in relationship to true believing Catholics, starting with the Pope himself, has been an in-your-face action towards Catholics. He is the epitome of arrogance – the ultimate audacity. This isn't the audacity of hope, this is the audacity of shame.”

In reference to Pelosi, Cardinal Raymond Burke suggests she persists in grave sin because of her work to promote and protect abortion.

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