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Abortion a major issue for voters this year

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, October 12, 2012

Abortion weighs heavily on the minds of registered voters, according to information from a recent Gallup poll.

The random sample from Gallup, which involved more than 1,400 people in all 50 states, indicates that one in six voters will vote only for candidates for major offices who share their own views on abortion. Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee tells OneNewsNow that's been consistent over three decades -- and people are more motivated to turn out this year, she adds.


"And more people who are concerned about protecting unborn children will vote for pro-life candidates because the candidate is pro-life than [will vote for] our opponents," Tobias notes. "Those who think abortion should be legal will vote for a candidate because that candidate supports legal abortion."

Tobias emphasizes that 1.2 million babies are aborted every year in the U.S. alone.

"And the best way that we can protect them is to elect candidates who will pass laws to protect the children [and] to elect a president who will appoint judges to the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v. Wade," she says. "There is no way that you can overestimate the importance of this election."

The presidential race is expected to be a close one, and if one in six voters are pro-life as indicated in the Gallup poll, that block could decide the outcome of the race.

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