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Several pro-life bills may pass Michigan legislature

Charlie Butts   ( Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right to Life of Michigan recently organized a Life Lobby Day at the state capitol where more than 800 members showed up to lobby their elected representatives -- and it's paying off.

MichiganSeveral pieces of legislation are working their way through both houses of the Michigan legislature, according to Pamela Sherstad of Right to Life of Michigan.

"There is the Pro-Life Bus bill, which is a combination of four other pieces of legislation in an Omnibus Bill put together," she tells OneNewsNow. "Also, there is the abortion insurance opt-out issue. And last Thursday, we were so happy to hear word that the Michigan House and the Senate passed the abortion insurance opt-out."

That means insurance exchanges in ObamaCare will not finance abortion. Those who want abortion coverage are permitted to buy separate insurance coverage. That bill is to be signed by Governor Rick Snyder (R).


"And then the third piece of legislation under way deals with religious liberty and conscience protection for those in Michigan who work in the healthcare industry," adds the group's director of public information.

In addition, another part of the measure deals with abortion clinics, as Sherstad explains: "What we found in the state of Michigan is that almost all abortions are performed in outpatient facilities, but only four of the 32 clinics in the state of Michigan are licensed and inspected."

While admitting it is difficult to predict, Right to Life Michigan is optimistic that lawmakers will end the session with passage of the entire package.

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