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Pro-life report ranks 10 best, worst states

Charlie Butts   ( Thursday, January 24, 2013

The successes in passing pro-life laws in recent years have largely been at the state level. A recent analysis rates the best and the worst among the states.

Americans United for Life does an annual report detailing where each state stands on life issues, including successful legislation in the past year, before coming up with its "Top 10" states for both sides of the issue. Mailee Smith, an Americans United attorney, explains factors that affect the rating. 

Smith, Mailee (AUL)"Also, with the life list this year we named some all-stars for just the supreme effort that they made in passing pro-life laws -- and those all-stars were Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, Virginia and South Carolina," she says.

Others in the Top 10 best were Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Arkansas. Topping the 10 worst is Washington state, but there are others with a near-equal ranking.

"One reason [states are ranked worst] is because they lack pro-life laws. For example, a number of those states toward the end of the list don't have the most basic pro-woman laws, such as informed consent," Smith tells OneNewsNow. "Other reasons that states end up at the bottom of the list is because they have very anti-life laws on the books."

For example, Washington approved doctor-assisted suicide in 2008.

The pro-life movement still has a lot of work to do, but Smith says that as the nation's pro-life views have increased, more legislation along that line is being passed -- and she finds that encouraging.

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