44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

church congregation (rear view)A recent nationwide poll found that 44 percent of liberal Democrat believe that churches in the United States have a negative impact of society.

This view, however, is not only shared by a significant proportion of “liberal” Democrats, but by a large chunk of all Democrats, as Pew Research Center also revealed that more than one in three Democrats in America (36 percent) see churches’ impact on society as negative. This is in stark contrast to the meager 14 percent Republicans who see churches’ influence as negative.

Comparing negative and positive takes on churches’ influence within different sectors of party lines, here’s how the stats were broken down by Pew’s U.S. Politics and Policy Department:

"Liberal Democrats are about as likely to say the impact of churches and religious organizations is negative (44 percent) as they are to say it is positive (40 percent),” Pew divulged. “By two-to-one (58 percent to 29 percent), more conservative and moderate Democrats say churches have a positive than negative effect on the country. Majorities of both conservative Republicans and Republican leaners (75 percent) and moderate and liberal Republicans (68 percent) say churches and religious organizations have a positive impact."

Partisan view of media, colleges, other institutions vary widely

After surveying 2,504 American adults from coast to coast between June 8 and 18, Pew researchers also discovered that the way Republicans and Democrats view the media – as well as academic, labor and financial institutions – in the U.S. differ greatly.

As anticipated, Democrats and other liberals have a much more favorable view of the Leftist mainstream news media than Republicans.

“About as many Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents think the news media has a positive (44 percent) as negative (46 percent) impact on the way things are going in the country,” Pew reported. “The share of Democrats holding a positive view of the news media’s impact has increased 11 percentage points since last August (33 percent). Republicans, by about eight-to-one (85 percent to 10 percent), say the news media has a negative effect. These views have changed little in the past few years.”

From labor unions, to banks, to religious institutions, Republicans and Democrats disagree about their influence on American society.

“Democrats continue to be more likely than Republicans to view labor unions positively (59 percent vs. 33 percent), while larger shares of Republicans have positive views of churches and religious institutions (73 percent of Republicans vs. 50 percent of Democrats) and banks and financial institutions (46 percent vs. 33 percent),” the statistics indicated.

Despite stark differences between liberals and conservatives, Americans’ overall view of institutions in the U.S. has not changed much over the years.

“Majorities of Americans say churches and religious organizations (59 percent) and colleges and universities (55 percent) have a positive effect,” Pew explained. “Nearly half (47 percent) say labor unions have a positive impact; 32 percent see their impact negatively. Views of the impact of banks and other financial institutions are more negative (46 percent) than positive (39 percent). And by roughly two-to-one (63 percent to 28 percent), more Americans say that the national news media has a negative than positive effect on the way things are going in the country.”

With extreme Leftist campus politics pervading on virtually every American college campus in recent years, Republican’s attitudes towards colleges and universities – and the effect they have on society – have dramatically plunged of late.

“As recently as two years ago, most Republicans and Republican leaners held a positive view of the role of colleges and universities,” researchers recounted. “In September 2015, 54 percent of Republicans said colleges and universities had a positive impact on the way things were going in the country; 37 percent rated their impact negatively. By 2016, Republicans’ ratings of colleges and universities were mixed (43 percent positive, 45 percent negative). Today, for the first time on a question asked since 2010, a majority (58 percent) of Republicans say colleges and universities are having a negative effect on the way things are going in the country, while 36 percent say they have a positive effect.”

The plummeting confidence in colleges is even more severe with conservative Republicans, and when compared with Democrats of varying political leanings, a huge gap is witnessed.

“Among Republicans, there is an ideological gap in views of the impact of colleges and universities and other institutions: Nearly two-thirds of conservative Republicans (65 percent) say colleges are having a negative impact, compared with just 43 percent of moderate and liberal Republicans,” researchers informed. “The ideological differences are less striking among Democrats. Wide majorities of both liberal Democrats (79 percent) and conservative and moderate Democrats (67 percent) say colleges have a positive impact.”

With regards to churches and religious organizations, Democrats vary more in their attitudes toward them than Republicans.

“Liberal Democrats are about as likely to say the impact of churches and religious organizations is negative (44 percent) as they are to say it is positive (40 percent),” Pew asserted. “By two-to-one (58 percent to 29 percent), more conservative and moderate Democrats say churches have a positive than negative effect on the country. Majorities of both conservative Republicans and Republican leaners (75 percent) and moderate and liberal Republicans (68 percent) say churches and religious organizations have a positive impact.”

When looking at how Democrats and Republicans are ideologically lined up with the national media, a huge difference was witnessed between the two.

“On balance, more liberal Democrats say the national news media has a positive (51 percent) than negative (39 percent) impact on the country,” researchers added. “Opinion among conservative and moderate Democrats is the reverse (39 percent positive, 51 percent negative). Among Republicans, negative views of the news media are shared by large majorities of both conservative Republicans (87 percent) and moderate and liberal Republicans (80 percent).

Harder lean to the Left hurting Dems?

With self-proclaimed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), leading both Democrats and Independents further to the Left, more moderate Democrats are saying that this extreme progressive platform is contributing to the party’s downfall.

“During a Senate Budget Committee nomination hearing last month, Sen. Sanders critically questioned Russell Vought – Trump's nominee for deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget – saying that he would vote against the appointee due to a blog post in which Vought said Muslims ‘stand condemned’ for not believing in Jesus,” The Christian Post reported.

Former Obama administration official Michael Wear contended that extreme Leftist views of leading Democrats is sinking the party.

"This is why Democrats lost in 2016 – it's why we didn't deserve to win on our own merits in 2016," Wear posted on Facebook. "And it's why we're on track to lose again in 2018. I remember when Democratic leadership used to speak out against using religion as a weapon."

Many Democrats were turned off to their party when former President Barack Obama ousted any reference to God from his party’s platform in 2012.

"After they took heat for omitting any reference to 'God' in their platform – and for eliminating language from the 2008 platform that identified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – Democrats tried to add the language back into their party platform with a voice vote," the Huffington Post noted in 2012. "But when Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – the convention chairman – came to the podium to ask for the approval of the delegates, those who shouted opposition to the language change were as loud, if not louder, than those who voiced their support."

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