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Sunday, December 2, 2012
Michael F. Haverluck (

Fanatical street preacher Ray Comfort admits he is crazy about preaching to the lost - so crazy, in fact, that he has a plan for offering gospel tracts for every language on the planet ... absolutely free.

He's possessed and he admits it. In fact, when it comes to getting out God's Word to every tongue, tribe and nation -- as the Great Commission calls Christians to do -- the self-proclaimed "fanatic" street preacher Ray Comfort is even more on fire to get the Word out to the lost than he was when he became a believer decades ago.

And just how over the top is the acclaimed international evangelist and author? Enough to endeavor to set up a website designed to eventually offer tracts for every language on the planet. is a modern-day printing press with inexhaustible typeset. No paper to run out of; the only thing that can stop the "press" is a lack of willing helpers to translate. Having just launched the site, the Living Waters Publications founder and CEO is already nearly half way to reaching his initial goal of 100 languages, and he has no intention of stopping at 100.

"Go therefore and make disciples of ALL the nations"

Comfort's compulsion to leave no stone unturned began 40 years ago in 1972, when there was no such thing as a "legal" abortion ─ even though that changed the year after he became born-again. Needless to say, he takes Jesus' Great Commission from Matthew 28:18-20 very seriously.

Comfort, Ray"When I became a Christian, I was like a man possessed," Comfort told OneNewsNow in an exclusive interview. "I purchased a large and heavy printing press, put it in our home and began to print off tracts. I had found everlasting life, and I wanted to use any means I could to let a dying and hopeless world know that God had made a way past death."

The tireless minister of the Word started his evangelistic outreach in his native New Zealand, where his unyielding ministry began ─ at a time when there was no such thing as the Internet, or a website, for that matter.

"I would witness to everyone who would listen," said the co-host of The Way of the Master television program, which is also co-hosted by former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron. "I even grabbed a soapbox and stood on it in the heart of our city and preached the message in the open air. I ended up doing that almost every day for 12 years."

And his crazed resolve to touch anyone within his reach never subsided ─ not by a long shot.

"If anyone could have been considered a fanatic, it was me," Comfort shared with a smile. "Today I'm much worse."

Even though the times and technology have changed, there's one thing that never does.

"The message hasn't changed at all ─ it's still 'the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord,' and is just another means of getting it out there," asserted Comfort, the director of 180: Changing Hearts and Minds about Life's Hot-button Issues, a half-hour documentary-style street-witnessing movie that went viral on YouTube with more than 3.6 million views.

Filling the void

Besides his unbridled passion to bring the message of eternal life to unbelievers, there was another motivation that propelled the energetic evangelist to create

Living Waters million-dollar tract"We have sold more than 160 million gospel tracts, and so it doesn't surprise us that some have found their way to foreign countries, and so we get Christians in those countries asking us to print tracts in their languages," Comfort explained. "We can produce tracts in other languages, but the problem is the high cost of shipping. This puts them out of the financial reach of many foreign nations, which is heartbreaking for them and for us."

Not one to let obstacles stand in his way, the author of Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith found a way around. "The site circumnavigates that problem," Comfort asserts. "Anyone can freely download and print tracts in their own country."

And just how many nations is Living Waters expecting to touch with this evangelistic effort?

"Our aim is to make it available in every language on the planet," Comfort shared. "Our problem is simply alerting the churches in other countries that this ministry is freely available to them."

The workers are few, the needs are great

Comfort has great expectations for getting out the message of salvation through multi-language tracts, but there is still much work to be done. Even though all the digital tools are set up on his website to generate new tracts, it still comes down to manpower in the end (and, of course, God).

working at a computer"It would be better if more people knew about this site," the bestselling author pointed out. "It's just a matter of Christians sending the website address to churches and missionaries in other countries, or to local churches so that they can alert their own missionaries."

Further ministry needs are laid out on, which calls for volunteer helpers with professional translator experience to check the existing translations, assist in creating additional translations and design the artwork for the tracts that resembles the currency of the various nations.

And just how dependent is on outside and volunteer help?

"We paid for the site and it's headed up by Anna Jackson of," Comfort informed OneNewsNow. "She is a tireless worker who has such a deep concern for the lost. She has voluntarily spent many hours creating the site and making tracts and videos freely available. We are very dependent on those who can translate our tracts into their own languages."

Getting on tract

Even though the groundwork has already been set to get the website up and running, much still needs to be done to in order for to arrive at its goal and hit its far-reaching potential.

"Tracts have been translated into 40 different languages so far," reported Comfort, whose ministry headquarters is based in Bellflower, California. "The cartoon Gospel video is available in 20 languages."

Comfort says "God only knows" what continent is currently the most open to the Gospel, but he does note that Living Waters' tract project through has its sights set on two areas.

"The 'target' is the home and foreign Church," the evangelistic strategist declared. "It needs to have its pews electrified. There's a world going to Hell and most Christians involve themselves in other (legitimate) activities, and ignore The Great Commission."

He exhorts Bible-believing Christians to not become complacent in de-Commissioned roles within the Church and instead be about their Father's business in harvesting a ripe field of unbelievers in its own backyard with the message of love, redemption and salvation.

"It's quite legitimate to polish brass in a lifeboat, but not when people are drowning around us," Comfort contends. "We have a moral obligation to first and foremost reach out to the lost."

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