Rosenberg: Russia a threat in real life as well as in novel

Friday, March 9, 2018
Chad Groening (

Joel Rosenberg (author)An author and end-times scholar doesn't think Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking it well that U.S. forces gave Russian mercenaries a "bloody nose" in Syria last month.

As reported by OneNewsNow, last month U.S. forces decisively repelled an attack from "pro-regime" forces against their base in Syria. It was reported that more than 300 Russian mercenaries died in that clash. Some have speculated that the attack was the result of a Vladimir Putin-approved operation to test American defenses.

New York Times bestseller Joel Rosenberg spoke last week during the National Religious Broadcasters convention about Putin and Russia's threat to the West. In an interview with OneNewsNow about the attack in Syria, he says it seems unlikely that those mercenaries would have taken such action on their own accord.

"The question is whether Vladimir Putin and his generals ordered these men to try to give America a bloody nose in Syria," he says. "We don't know that for sure, but what we do know is that the United States military just gave the Russians a bloody nose in Syria."

The evangelical Christian author says this is undoubtedly not being taken well by Putin, who he says is looking for vulnerability.

Russian President Vladimir Putin"He is looking for places to show that he is strong and America is weak," he continues. "And this is why President Putin is so dangerous and why President Trump needs to do much more than he is doing to convince the American people and our allies in Europe and the Middle East that he understands the Putin threat."

Trump, he argues, needs to send more forces into the Baltic region as a deterrent force and to speak out more about the Putin threat and the Putin atrocities. Rosenberg is hopeful that his newest novel will enlighten readers about the growing threat to world peace posed by Russia.

"I'm really concerned that Russia is the most serious threat that we face as Americans, as the West," he shares. "I believe that Vladimir Putin is more dangerous to the West than radical Islam."

The Kremlin Conspiracy (book cover)In The Kremlin Conspiracy, the president of the Russian Federation is plotting to reconquer the three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – once enslaved by Moscow during the Soviet era. Interestingly, the leaders of those three nations will actually be meeting with Trump at the White House on April 3 to discuss the Russian threat.

"The reason [they're meeting] is because these leaders are terrified that Vladimir Putin is amassing more and more troops and tanks close to the Baltic borders," he contends. "They've been running war game exercises practicing how to invade the Baltic states."

And even though the three nations are NATO allies, Rosenberg isn't confident that the United States and other NATO members will come to their aid. "I don't know honestly if any American president would really go to war against Russia [and risk] the possibility of that escalating fairly rapidly into nuclear war," he says. "Would we really go to war for one of the Baltic States?"

Rosenberg argues that if Trump and the other allies don't respond, that would mean the end of NATO.

"In theory, Putin could collapse the entire Western alliance in about 96 hours," he says. "This would have cataclysmic effects on the global economy, on global security. It's a nightmare scenario; it's a worst-case scenario."

In fact, that's the scenario in his novel.

3/13/2018 - Final comments on NATO added.

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