Obama orders America to 'welcome' millions of illegals, migrants

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Consistent with his agenda to fast-track his executive amnesty, President Barack Obama is demanding American citizens welcome millions of undocumented immigrants and refugees into their neighborhoods in keeping to his "centralized" plan to "take care of their needs."

A Closer Look"President Obama's White House Task Force on Creating Welcoming Communities unveiled its recommendations Friday for a national strategy to 'integrate' millions of immigrants and refugees into cities and towns across the U.S.," WND reports. "The chair of the task force, Obama's domestic policy adviser Cecilia Muñoz, said her focus is on making sure Obama's historic immigration policies get 'institutionalized' so they will live on long after she and her boss are gone from the White House."

In a November 21 presidential memo, Obama declared his strategy to push through his executive order that would grant amnesty to more than five-million illegal immigrants and child migrants. In order to accommodate them, he put together the task force. In addition, the Obama administration is accepting 70,000 foreign refugees annually from Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Burma, Bhutan and other terrorist-harboring Islamic nations.

Ensuring Obama's immigration legacy

Wanting to ensure Obama's immigration legacy is carried out long after his second term is up, Muñoz announced Friday at the "The New National Integration Plan: Making the Most of a Historic Opportunity" conference that everything is in place to continue ushering immigrants into the United States by the droves — for years ahead.

"[It is my job] to make sure we build this really into the DNA across the federal bureaucracy, at a leadership level, but much more importantly to make sure that when political appointees like me are no longer here, this [immigration strategy] is built into what those agencies do and think about every day," Muñoz expressed, according to WND.

As a former executive of the National Council of La Raza, Muñoz stressed it is imperative that the government standardize and establish benchmarks and "measure successes" so that both localities and states will guarantee the establishment of the administration's "welcoming communities" throughout America.

Muñoz teamed with another champion of immigrant "rights," Eva Millona, who co-chairs the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) — a coalition of 34 organizations established to provide social services to immigrants and protect their rights once on American soil.

"We have been pushing to really have a centralized leadership in terms of implementation of this report," Millona informed, noting that for true integration to work, a firm national presence to enforce it must be mandated. "We are happy that the report has called for a centralized entity to really move it forward."

Millona also took the opportunity to introduce another key player in enforcing the new immigration plan.

"And let me make a pitch for philanthropy," Millona announced, alluding to the special assistant to the president for immigration policy, Felicia Escobar, who will head up the program. "There's a huge opportunity for them to have their voice and their say and many of our friends and funders are involved."

Emphasizing immigrants' "diverse needs," Millona insisted that they must be met and how crucial it is "to have a very strong and centralized entity to make things happen." She noted that NPNA's 34 organizations are already a step ahead with "boots on the ground" in 29 states — offering everything from immigrant rights attorneys, interpreters, service providers and other advocates already deployed "to make sure immigrants have what they need."

"It's a national group and the only one of its kind pushing an immigration integration agenda forward," added Millona in reference to the dispatched federally funded workers.

No immigration hazards?

Noticeably absent from the speakers' announcements at the Friday conference were the heightened security threats presented by such an immigration influx from hostile Islamic nations — especially in lieu of the immigration-induced terrorist problems experienced in European countries such as France, Great Britain, and Germany, as well as others in Scandinavia.

"Hot-button issues of assimilation and protecting national security never came up during the 90-minute conference at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington," WND's Leo Hohmann reports. "The poor record of assimilation into American society by refugees from Somalia and other Muslim countries never got mentioned. Dozens of Somalis living in Minnesota and other states have been arrested on charges of providing material support to Islamic terrorist groups al-Shabab, al-Qaida and ISIS."

The list goes on …

"The FBI's newest 'most wanted terrorist,' Liban Haji Mohamed, was a Somali-American cab driver from Northern Virginia who entered the country as a refugee," Hohmann continued. "Two Iraqi refugees living in Kentucky were also arrested in 2011 and charged with sending support to al-Qaida. Six Bosnian natives who immigrated to the U.S. were indicted in February in New York for allegedly sending money and military equipment to al-Qaida in Iraq and the ISIS terror group."

And on …

"The Boston Marathon bombers were also Muslims who entered the country as asylum seekers from Chechnya," Hohmann points out. "Just this week, Thursday, another Somali-American, 23-year-old Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud of Columbus, Ohio, was indicted on charges that he provided a computer and other support to terrorists during a trip to the Middle East. He came to the United States from Somalia as a young child refugee."

Hohmann asserts that the Obama administration has fine-tuned messaging to promote his immigration policy and keep the national security issue off the radar for the Left-leaning media and majority of undiscerning Americans.

"But rather than addressing assimilation and national security problems, the conference focused on 'integration,'" Hohmann contends. "It's the new buzz word for planting diverse, multicultural communities within communities."

Government-induced Islamic infiltration?

As an integral part of Obama's memo penned on Nov. 21, he exhorted 16 federal agencies to aggressively work toward "creating welcoming communities" — an effort Muñoz outlined as having a three-pronged economic, linguistic and civic focus.

One of the prongs has raised grave concern, bringing to mind the recent scandal of the Obama administration's attempted manipulation of Israel's latest election by mobilizing ex-campaign members to allegedly work toward ousting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through garnering the Arab vote.

"What was meant by 'civic' was never explained, but some observers see it as preparing the new migrants to be registered voters and activist citizens who will engage in political issues favorable to open borders and easy paths to citizenship for new generations of migrant workers and refugees," WND's Hohmann expressed.

New government programs are aggressively placing refugees with questionable ties to foreign interests and organizations — including jihad and ISIS — devoid of any challenges or accountability within the system.

"The Refugees Corps we are creating is a program that AmeriCorps runs in partnership with the Office of Refugee Resettlement ... to actually serve in that program to help the next generation (of refugees) to become citizens," Escobar proclaimed at Friday's conference.

Another concern was also brought up.

"A woman who said she was representing the National Council of La Raza, a left-of-center Chicano advocacy group, said at Friday's conference, 'Our affiliates are ready to help local partners on the ground … to pull together civic, economic and linguistic resources in an integration zone,'" Hohmann divulged. "Global integration zones are seen as the new economic unit, transcending national borders and linking specialized economic functions such as transportation. Workers freely cross in and out of a country to work in the zone."

With organizations such as the George Soros-funded Welcoming America campaigning its propaganda to make sure Americans are living out its mission statement of "welcoming communities," government programs are receiving money both federally and privately. WND reports $150,000 was donated to Welcome America by Soro's Open Society Institute in December 2010 alone. Untold millions are being siphoned into Obama's controversial immigration program.

Welcoming America executive director David Lubell says his organization was created to put to rest "social and cultural fears" of Americans who are living in "changing communities."

"Our main goal is to reach those people who are unsure whether immigration growth is a positive thing or not," Lubbell proclaimed. "And some of them are very reasonable — they're just not getting accurate information about immigration."

According to a White House report, every community across all 50 states is incited to develop and enforce their own immigration integration plans — and fast.

"The reason for the lightning speed on this is the president gave us a timeline, because he is eager for what we can accomplish, eager for outcomes," Muñoz announced to the crowd at Friday's conference. "We're making sure the federal government is doing its job and doing its best to lift up cities, mayors and local governments, to make sure others are taking this job on as well, and we have great, great examples to follow of many in this field of building welcoming communities. And the task force's work is reflective of that. We heard from a lot of people around the country."

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