RNC nearly triples DNC fundraising in July

Monday, August 21, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

GOP logo 2The Democratic National Committee’s woes since its presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost to now-President Donald Trump last November are far from over, as the Republican National Committee raked in an impressive $10.2 million last month – next to a comparatively meager $3.8 million collected by the DNC.

In more bad news for the Democrats, the total is a 10-year low.

“The DNC’s amount is the least since July 2007 – when it brought in $3.4 million,” Newsmax reported.

Sinking Dems

In the face of mainstream media reports bombarding the news to convince America of Trump’s unpopularity and the Republican Party’s lack of cohesion and support, the RNC’s dominance over the DNC has been solid since the month of the president’s inauguration – with its funds more than doubling those taken in by its Leftist rival.

“The RNC has outraised its party counterpart since the start of this year, bringing in $86.5 million since January –compared to $42 million for the DNC,” Newsmax’s Solange Reyner noted.

On Friday, the DNC posted the figures, while The Hill obtained the RNC’s fundraising statistics before the GOP officially filed its numbers with the Federal Election Commission. The parties’ finances indicated that the Dems could very well be strapped for cash for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, while the GOP looks to be sitting pretty.

“The vast fundraising gap gels with recent trends – the GOP has substantially out-fundraised its rivals since the start of 2017,” The Hill’s Ben Kamisar pointed out Saturday. “The GOP also has a huge advantage in cash on hand – $47.1 million to $6.9 million.” 

Democrats are noticeably upset that they are not taking advantage of the negative press they have helped generate in their prolonged attempt to tear down Trump.

“The lag in Democratic Party fundraising through the first four months of new party chairman Tom Perez's tenure has frustrated Democrats, especially as liberals see a groundswell of enthusiasm in opposition to President Trump,” Kamisar explained. “But top Democratic donors and fundraisers who spoke to The Hill this week said that they believe it's still too early to sound the alarm and that Perez can still turn the ship around as he continues to restructure the party after a tough 2016 election.”

Ungrounded hope?

Perez shared a sense of optimism about the direction in which the DNC is headed.

“At the DNC, we are still building up our team, including hiring fundraising staff, and making sure every aspect of our organization is moving in lockstep,” Perez expressed in a statement issued to The Hill. “We’re confident that our team will raise the resources needed as we head into 2018 and beyond.” 

One well-wishing fundraiser for the Democratic Party insists that the trend will turn – attributing the lull in funds to growing pains following the Clinton loss.

“We all know that the last six months has been a complete rebuild of the party structure with Tom Perez, and it seems like they are trying to be very methodical on how they rebuild,” the Democrat assured The Hill. “So, it’s not surprising that their fundraising isn’t as aggressive or advanced right now.”

Negative impact

Yet others loyal to the Left are not so optimistic.

"We really should be kicking their [expletive]," a longstanding Democratic donor told The Hill Thursday. "It shouldn't even be close, considering all hell [that] is breaking loose on their side."

With the staff shakeup that has been going on in the Trump administration, Democrats are more than disappointed that they have not shown any signs of rebounding of late.

“The Democrats’ sluggish fundraising pace comes as President Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to sag and amid turmoil in the White House – chief strategist Steve Bannon resigned on Friday, two weeks after Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer left their posts,” Reyner noted.

And even though the Democratic Party attempted to turn things around last month when leaders introduced its “Better Deal” economic plan, things have not turned around, and Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons stresses that – instead investing all its time attacking Trump – the party needs to focus on positive things that it is fighting to bring about.

"You've gotta give people something to be for," Simmons asserted, according to The Hill’s Thursday report. "Democratic voters are all united in believing Donald Trump should not be in office and be contained. What they're waiting on is a direct and positive agenda that they can believe in to deal with the problems the country faces. 'A Better Deal' was a good start, but everyone needs to start singing from the same song book. We're getting there, but it's now eight months, so time for us to be there." 

With all of the challenges Trump must deal with – including the racial tensions, the stalled Obamacare overhaul, the ongoing Russia probes and his still-on-the-table tough-on-immigration reform – Democratic strategist Christy Setzer insists that even more pressure needs to be applied on Trump to turn things around for her party.

"It's deeply problematic, and it's because our party leadership has to be dragged kicking and screaming by the base to lead an opposition," Setzer contended, according to The Hill. "Maybe the only thing more depressing to the Democratic base than Trump's actions and inactions on North Korea, Charlottesville and Russia is how few members on both sides – on 'many sides' – have stood up to him. Attention Democratic electeds: The time is long past to call on President Trump to adopt a better tone. That ship has sailed. And stop calling on GOP leadership to do the right thing. They won't. Take action now.”

Things really good and tight the Right?

RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel argues that – despite what Democrats claim – Trump’s message truly resonates with a base of Republicans, and it shows in their pocketbooks.

“The president is somebody who absolutely is an asset when it comes to fundraising,” McDaniel impressed, according to The Associated Press (AP), which noted that the GOP has indicated that it has collected more cash online in the first half of this year than it received during the entire election year.

Even though the Democrats and mainstream media continue to claim that the Republican Party is divided and falling apart, one of the GOP’s top fundraisers, Brian Ballard, insists that Trump has a solid following.

“The president likes the fact that the party is structured to help his agenda, and there’s not a question that this RNC is 100 percent loyal to him,” Ballard proclaimed, according to AP. “It’s not like the RNC he inherited as the party’s nominee; it’s his now.”

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