Polls: Dem Midterm lead, impeachment hopes fading

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

voting in AmericaAn average of polls taken across America indicate that the Democratic Party’s once-sizeable lead heading into the 2018 Midterm Elections – as well as its dream of impeaching President Donald Trump – are slipping away … fast.

According to the average of polls compiled by Real Clear Politics (RCP), the left’s lead is continuing to crumble as voters prepare to hit the ballot box in November, and conservative pundits believe that the reemergence of former FBI Director James on the scene is contributing to Democrats’ freefall.

“[The] Democrats’ lead on [the] generic ballot [is] now [its] smallest in almost a year,” HotAir.com reported. “The last time Republicans were as close as 5.5 points on the generic-ballot average was May 9, 2017 – coincidentally the very day that James Comey was fired. Now Comey’s back for his book tour and suddenly the GOP’s within five and a half points again – takeaway … the more voters see of Comey, the more they like Trump’s party.”

Bouncing off the Dems’ punches

Despite the avalanche of anti-Trump news coverage spurred by Democrats and disseminated by the mainstream media, President Donald Trump and Republicans are gaining ground – while the left’s crusade to depose the commander-in-chief appears to be settling down into an early grave.

“[E]ven in the face of a Trump-centric confluence of drama and controversy, the GOP's standing has actually been improving of late,” Townhall reported. “Part of this can be chalked up to President Trump's marginally improved approval rating, and – oh, right – the rocking and rolling U.S. economy, thanks to Democrat-opposed, GOP-passed policies. Sometimes, major explanatory factors can be so obvious that the insular political media misses them or forgets about them.”

In fact, as the mainstream media appears to be assuming the role of supermarket tabloids in recent weeks when reporting on the White House – with visions of debauchery and scandal – voters appear to be apathetic and disinterested … at best.

“As usual, the things that political junkies and reporters obsess about seem to matter not at all to ordinary voters,” The Associated Press (AP) reported. “The last few weeks of news have been capital-B Bananas in scandal terms, but POTUS and the GOP have suffered little, if at all. The headlines roll by – ‘Raid on Michael Cohen!’ ‘Comey Calls Trump ‘Mob Boss!'’ ‘Stormy Daniels Releases Sketch of Trump Thug!’ ‘Trump May Fire Rosenstein or Mueller … or Both!’ On and on we go, with no polling damage to Trump or congressional Republicans.”

It appears that whatever Democrats and the mainstream media throws at Trump, it is not working against him – but possibly even helping him.

“Does [the GOP’s steadfastness at the polls] help explain their resilience, counterintuitively … The more the ‘siege mentality’ on the right deepens, the firmer Trump’s and the party’s support becomes?” the AP report posed. “If that’s true, though, why aren’t we seeing Democratic numbers climb as anti-Trumpers rally to ‘their’ side?

Dems’ impeachment problem

Rallying leftist voters to get behind their impeachment campaign does not appear to be a winning strategy for Democrats this Midterm Election year.

“[A]s Democrats get more excited about the idea of impeaching Trump – when they're not busy promising to unravel America's economic progress by rolling back people's tax cuts – that doesn't look like a winning strategy either,” Townhall’s Guy Benson argued.

In fact, a nationwide poll indicates that Democrats’ pledge to impeach Trump would work against their quest to retake the House, come November.

“A new [NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll] finds that 47 percent of registered voters would definitely vote against a candidate who wanted to remove Trump from office, while 42 percent would definitely vote for a candidate who would make such a promise,” NPR announced. “Forty-seven percent of independent voters – whose opinions could be decisive – also say they would vote against candidates favoring impeachment. Unsurprisingly, impeachment is a nonstarter with 84 percent of GOP voters.”

Marist Institute for Public Opinion Director Lee Miringoff insists that Democrats’ push to impeach Trump could be sabotaging their own chances of victory in the Midterms.

"The threat of impeachment provides Republicans their best point of attack looking toward the midterm elections, and I think we're going to hear a lot more about it from their arsenal as they try to isolate the Robert Mueller investigation and delegitimize it," Miringoff argued, according to NPR. "If there's a silver lining for Republicans in this data, it's the impeachment question."

It appears that impeachment is the campaign slogan of choice for deep blue regions, but Democrats in areas where every vote counts have realized that ousting Trump from office is a losing agenda.

“It's Democrats from more liberal districts who have been making noise about impeaching Trump, while members in more competitive swing districts – which Democrats will need to win to reach the 23 seats required to take back the House – have generally opposed such an idea,” NPR’s Jessica Taylor pointed out. “Democratic leaders don't want to make impeachment a central tenet of their pitch to voters and are fearful it could backfire with voters, just as this new poll suggests.”

And even if Democrats were successful in convincing American voters to impeach the president, the odds would be stacked against them to successfully complete their endeavor.

“Democrats would need only a simple majority in the House to impeach Trump – something that's happened to only two other presidents in the country's history,” Taylor pointed out. “To remove him from the Oval Office – which has never been done before – would take a two-thirds majority in the Senate to convict him of any articles of impeachment, which could theoretically arise from Mueller's investigation.”

Texas two-step to the left?

As Democrats are grasping to what appears to be promising numbers coming out of the Lone Star State concerning the upcoming Senate faceoff in November – with a Quinnipiac Poll reporting that frontrunning Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is merely leading his Democratic challenger 47 percent to 44 percent – it is argued that many are making much ado about nothing.

“Color me very skeptical on that single poll,” Benson commented. “Texas is still pretty deep red, and last month's primary election results did not augur especially well for Democrats in the state. I'm not the only one raising a quizzical eyebrow at Quinnipiac's ‘shock poll.’"

It is indicated that the highly pro-immigration Hispanic population of Houston – nestled close to the Mexican border – and Austin, with its ultra-liberal bent and highly influential LGBT community, are a major reason why the Texas poll is deceptively skewed toward O’Rourke.

“If you think TX-SEN is really Cruz 47 to O'Rourke 44, I have a bridge to sell you – it runs between Austin and Houston,” Jeff B. tweeted on Wednesday.

A conservative pundit discounts the recent poll further, insisting that “political gravity will reassert itself,” noting not only its questionable sample, but the fact that as of yet, most Texans know little to nothing about O’Rourke’s ultra-liberal positions on key issues important to residents statewide.

“I’m still skeptical of O’Rourke’s chances, and not just because Texas is a red state,” Hotair.com’s Allahpundit asserted. “Cruz leads O’Rourke – sometimes comfortably – on issues like the economy, taxes, immigration and guns. O’Rourke’s rosy numbers are being driven by the fact that much of the state still has no idea who he is. His favorable rating is 40/13, with 47 percent saying they don’t know enough about him to form an opinion yet.”

He is confident that Cruz will take the time in the upcoming months to expose his opponent’s ultra-liberal agenda that would turn the Lone Star State upside-down.

“Cruz will spend the next six months educating voters about his anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-impeachment stances,” Allahpundit added. “Let’s see what O’Rourke looks like after he’s spent three months getting hit.”

Another reason for skepticism about O’Rourke’s rise in the polls was also ventured.

“O'Rourke is massively out-raising Cruz, so that disparity may put a damper on the incumbent's ability to correctly reveal his challenger as wildly out of step with Texas values – but c'mon,” Benson noted.“Cruz will have plenty of cash on hand to highlight O'Rourke's liberalism. [And] if a plurality of voters oppose impeachment nationally, how do you reckon that spread looks in Texas?”



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